artfield logo copy“Many of the tunes bring to mind those classic Bacharach/Warwick collaborations with stylish yet easy going melodies. Like Bacharach, Cooper also draws from a myriad of styles that include Latin, cool, swing, classical, soul and the blues to present a vehicle for engaging vocal interpretation.”Read more

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BB Cooper Saracubana 100BB Cooper Best of British 100Uneasy StreetBB Cooper La Boheme 100BB Cooper Ghetto 1577 Golem 100Devilish_2BB Cooper The Jungle Book 100BB Cooper Bronte - Writing in Blood 100BB Cooper It's A Wonderful Life 100BB Cooper Goblins Don't Scare Us 100BB Cooper The Difference 100BB Cooper Busker Boys 100BB Cooper The Challenge 100BB Cooper Stop on Red 100BB Cooper Bela Mavrak - Mi Amore 100BB Cooper Sugar Minott - Christmas, Merry Christmas 100BB Cooper Christmas, Merry Christmas 100The Music of BB Cooper featuring Ian Shaw 100BB Cooper Could I Hope For MoreBB Cooper Almost There 100-1BB Cooper Relaxing Jazz Piano 100BB Cooper The Secret of Minos 100BB Cooper Themes and Variations 100BB Cooper Jane Eyre 100BB Cooper Children's Songs 100BB-Cooper-BBs-Magic-Piano-100BB Cooper Nigel Osner Keep off SexBB Cooper Mr. Easy Guy 100
BB Cooper Bronte Cello Suite


BB as Producer 
BB CooperJewish Fantasia 100 BB Cooper Genesis to Broadway 100