Bach for the 21st Century.

                                       Duets for Cello and Soprano

Melodies by BB Cooper and J.S Bach.  Soprano: Jessica Eucker.  Arranged by Andy Collyer.

1. Passiflora 2. Parfum 3. Promenade 4. Pastorale

5. Peinture 6. Pourquoi Pas 7. Paradis 8. Paroles De L'Amour 9. Papillon 10. Pour Maintenant 11. Passion 12. Pluie De Printemps 



BB was approached by the producer of a docudrama based on the life of Anna Magdalena Bach, to write a jazz interpretation of some of the works allegedly written by her but attributed to her husband, Johann Sebastian Bach.  


Listening to the Cello Suites, she became totally absorbed in the beauty of each movement, all with French titles like Sarabande, Courante and Gigue.   What if some of BB’s tunes were interwoven with Bach?  


Thus began an exciting journey of musical discovery.  


Apart from PASTORALE, which is based on the Prelude in C from the ’48 Preludes and Fugues’ and PROMENADE, written round the BACH motif, all tracks are from the Cello Suites.

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