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Music by BB Cooper

Story by Andrew Emerson

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The unhappy, unfulfilled residents of Uneasy Street live literally on top of each other, but don't know or interact with each other.  The overnight appearance of a vagrant Tap Dancer forces them together, and his rhythms and vibes generate unexpected connections and relationships which years of cheek-by-jowl urban living have failed to create. But when they find they've been burgled during their spontaneous sleepless night, they turn on the Tap Dancer as Number One Suspect. After he's wrongly arrested, will any shreds of their new sense of family and community survive?


'Ms. BB Cooper is first and foremost a songwriter whose tunes lend themselves to interpretation by a wide variety of singers and instrumentalists. For Uneasy Street, two of Britain's premiere vocalists, Barb Jungr and Ian Shaw, are well-chosen to show another side of Cooper's emotive pen. While her last offering, The Best of British Vocal Jazz, was heavily dosed with fresh, sparkling performances, Uneasy Street is a dual-gender take on life's flip side. Here, Cooper's music makes it possible for her lyricists, vocalists and Ian Shaw's arrangements to explore situations and feelings that are emotionally difficult, with powerful results. 

BB Cooper hearkens back to a time when names like Berlin, Rodgers or Bacharach were equal in importance to those of the band and the singer. There is no one else in the mainstream, or any stream for that matter, who is able to release albums comprised entirely of their own new music and have it performed as eloquently.'

Elliott Simon, Alll About Jazz 

The Music of BB Cooper available in the iTunes Store
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