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Illustration by Carol Adlam

Available for LIVE STREAMING
Music by BB Cooper,
Orchestrations by Andy Collyer 
Book and lyrics by Toby Hulse,
Original Lyrics by Rudyard Kipling​
Large and small mixed cast, one and two acts.
Contact for Perusal Script or Narrative

Lost and alone in the jungle, how will the infant Mowgli survive in this terrifying but wonderful new world? And how will he escape the claws of the vengeful tiger, Shere Khan?  Only the help and guidance of Baloo the bear, Bagheera the panther and Akela the wolf can protect him from the mischievous monkeys, the powerful python Kaa, and ultimately from himself.

Rudyard Kipling’s classic tales of the Indian jungle, animals, humans, friendship, love and the natural laws that bind us all together, are brilliantly brought to the stage in BB Cooper’s musical, written by Toby Hulse. A spell-binding, edge-of-your-seat adventure of song, dance, music and laughter that evokes the brilliance of Kipling’s original stories.

The original production toured four times, playing in around 100 theatres.


***** 'A dazzling experience that borders on world-class' The Herald

***** ‘Just don’t go expecting Disney. It’s better than that! And it’s live and roaring its theatrical head off! Rooooooaaaar!’ East Midlands Theatre

'Viscerally affecting, dynamic show'.  Broadway World

"Audiences thoroughly enjoyed your wonderful show. We were so proud that it was the NZ debut!"  Maura Flower, Otamatea Repertory Theatre, Kaipara District, Northland, New Zealand.

"Our first night was an enormous success! Already during the intermission the audience was cheering, but when the show ended, there was extremely long whistling, loud applause, and a long, long standing ovation!!! This morning facebook has been filled with comments that this is the best show we have done. Our city mayor made a great speech after the show, on stage, where we had champagne with the whole ensemble.  Everybody is filled with happiness!"   

Timo Rissanen, Director, Imatra Theatre, Finland.

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