BB Cooper
BB Cooper has enjoyed a long-established career as a composer with a number of stage productions and recordings to her name, each written in her own unique style.

“Songs destined to be the standards of the future” Dave Gelly

Music goes beyond words. Our projects are led by music. We work with choreographers, film makers, set designers, photographers and musicians who have a similar vision. 


“BB Cooper hearkens back to a time when names like Berlin, Rodgers or Bacharach were equal in importance to those of the band and the singer. There is no one else in the mainstream, or any stream for that matter, who is able to release albums comprised entirely of their own new music and have it performed as eloquently.” Elliott Simon, All About Jazz

“This will be our reply to violence; to make music more intensely,more beautifully, more devotedly than ever before.”  Leonard Bernstein

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The Jungle Book Devilish! - A show by BB Cooper
Devilish! - A show by BB Cooper
La Boheme - A show by BB Cooper
Ghetto 1577 - A show by BB Cooper
Bronte - A show by BB Cooper
Magic - A show by BB Cooper
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