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La Bohème
Available for LIVE STREAMING
Music by BB Cooper 
Orchestrations by Martin Kumžák 
Direction and choreography by Pavel Strouhal

Translation of Review

Our rating * * * * * * * * *

“Supreme dancers and musicians. It was very beautiful! All of them danced amazingly and Ondrej Brzobohat sang superbly”


“The touching story of La Bohème still attracts today’s contemporary creators. A dancing company, ‘Prague City Dance Theatre’, has taken on La Bohème and presented this show on the stage of the Karlin Theatre, where last year they presented a hugely successful premier of Ghetto 1577. This ballet of La Bohème, with beautiful music by BB Cooper, was directed by choreographer and dancer, Pavel Strouhal, who has choreographed many other musicals; the conductor of the Athanor Orchestra was Martin Kumžák, who was also responsible for the orchestrations.”


Mimi:  Linda Fernandez Saez,  Rodolfo: Jan Bursa, Musetta: Ivanka Hannichová, Marcello: Peter Dolinajec, Schaunard: Ondřej Brzobohatý, Colline:  Igor Žukov, Benoit: Mario Čermák


Christmas Carol Singers , Cabaret Girls and other parts :  Veronika Veselá,  Kateřina Šildová, Kateřina Nováková,  Patrick Fridrichovský,  Laco Hudec

Solo vocal : DASHA


Produced and presented by Karlin Music Theatre, Prague 

Co-produced by Artfield and Czech Dance Benefit Society

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